Onshore Wind Energy 2019

Tuesday 05 November | Hilton Glasgow

Where next?

Onshore Wind Energy 2019 brings our industry together to discuss pathways to a sustainable future for this great technology. Our day will be structured around two central themes.

  • Explore the next generation of onshore wind schemes and their contribution to net zero. Debate which new markets wind can work best in and look at the role of onshore wind in supporting rural communities become low carbon leaders.
  • Examine our large fleet of existing onshore wind projects, and discuss latest activity in asset management, O&M and repowering.

Onshore Wind Energy 2019 is the onshore event for the UK’s onshore wind industry. Senior industry leaders use the event to discuss future trends and policy changes in the market and to meet, network and do business. Be there to be part of this vital conversation about low cost low carbon power.

Why is this event important?

Onshore wind is the UK’s lowest cost power source and the single largest source of renewable capacity in the GB energy mix. Onshore wind is also an important part of our economy, delivering two thirds UK content and excelling at investing in rural communities. To deliver a net zero economy we need to double electricity generation in the UK, and quadruple renewable electricity capacity. Any credible plan to do this needs to recognise the important role of onshore wind in this.

More than any other energy source, onshore wind has proved that renewables are a future for any economy looking for reliable low cost and low carbon power. Onshore wind solved the energy trilemma.