Programme - The Technology Industry (in partnership with techUK)


Topic: Clean Energy Exchange: Technology
Date: Tuesday 23 February 2021
Time: 10:00 - 11:30 
Location: Virtual. If you missed the webinar, please email us at and we will send it to you. 

What are technology companies doing to address the challenges of climate change and ensure their customers value their brand? Hear from leaders in the tech field about their experiences in sourcing clean energy through the various forms of PPA contracts available in the UK and abroad.

As business leadership on climate change continues to build, this event will be an exchange of best practice and market insights into purchasing renewable energy in the technology sector.

Many of the largest technology companies are signatories to RE100, and committed to powering themselves entirely through zero-carbon renewable energy in the coming decades. As the costs of wind and solar power continue to fall, this ambition is becoming a more cost-effective and resilient choice for energy buyers in smaller and medium sized businesses, as well as the big names.

Many are looking to establish long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with renewable generators, who can then finance new wind farms or solar parks based on these contracts. Others will have the capacity to generate power onsite or a nearby site with a private wire connection. This event will explore experience using all of these models.

23 February 2021: technology

Welcome and Plenary  


  • Chris Hewett, CEO, Solar Energy UK Chris Hewett

    Chris has 25 years’ experience in advocacy, policy research, thought leadership and campaigning on a wide variety of sustainability, energy and environmental issues. He was Head of Climate Change for the Environment Agency, providing advice to Government on climate change mitigation and adaptation. He has worked for a number of leading NGOs & government agencies, including successful advocacy for the Green Investment Bank at Green Alliance, global aviation research for the Committee on Climate Change, and more recently leading policy and advocacy for the Finance Innovation Lab.

  • Stefan Kintscher, General Manager, Value Chain Integration Group, Hitachi EuropeStefan Kintscher photo

    General Manager of Value Integration Group Hitachi Europe, with vast experience in top-positions of Automotive and Rail-Industrie. Leading procurement and trade activities for Hitachi, developing sustainable business solutions and strategic alliances to support Hitachi’s sustainability plan.”  

Hitachi will outline the reasons for their decision to move towards renewable power, including their European goals and how this is being implemented at UK Head Office with solar.

  • Munir Hassan, Partner, Head of Energy & Climate Change Group, CMS

CMS are a law firm who have been involved in the setting up of many PPA contracts, and will share their views on options for contract structure and making a long term arrangement work for both sides.

  • Juan Pablo Cerda, Founder and CEO, ZeigoJuan Pablo Cerda 2

    Juan Pablo Cerda is the founder of a London-based technology company at the forefront of renewable energy, Zeigo. He has 12 years’ experience working within the energy sector and internationalcommodity trading markets as well as building and exiting businesses in the sector. Juan Pablo believes in disrupting corporate procurement of renewable energy to accelerate the green revolution and contribute towards a sustainable future. Juan Pablo is an ambitious entrepreneur with a vision to achieve a fully decarbonised energy system around the world sooner than 2050.

Zeigo are market making specialists who bring together energy buyers and renewable generators across Europe. They will share their insight into latest trends in pricing, supply and demand.

  • Emma Fryer, Associate Director, techUK

techUK will highlight what are the barriers and concerns of their members when considering renewable PPAs, which we intend to be addressed in a follow up publication to this event co-written by Solar Energy UK, Renewable UK and techUK

  • Susanne Baker, Associate Director, techUK

    Susanne Baker is associate director for climate, environment and sustainability at techUK, the business organisation for the UK’s technology sector. She is a board member of the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute and is chair of the board of directors for JTAC, the not-for-profit company that runs Material Change which is working to make recycling of electricals easier. Before joining techUK, Susanne worked for MakeUK, the manufacturers association and the environmental business journal, The ENDS Report. She is a Fellow of the RSA and a graduate of Kings College London and is a regular judge for the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards, the BusinessGreen Clean Tech Awards and the Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards.

techUK will highlight what are the barriers and concerns of their members when considering renewable PPAs, which we intend to be addressed in a follow up publication to this event co-written by Solar Energy UK, Renewable UK and techUK


Q&A with Panellists 




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Why attend?

  • To learn from successful case studies in the industry
  • To explore benefits of power purchase agreements including local community investment and engagement, contract terms and prices, variable consumption volumes and more
  • To learn more about how to ensure regulatory compliance when it comes to reducing carbon emissions
  • To consider what you need to know before embarking on this journey

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