Support your member associations’ events in 2021/2022

We realise that this is a time of immense change for everyone in the industry.  Your member associations are working together to support the industry, both virtual and in person events. 

Please prioritise events run by your member associations which are designed by the industry for the industry. This will allow us to reinvest directly in the future success of the energy sector, including our work with Governments to ensure the right policies are in place for us to continue to grow. 

14 - 17 June 2021 Energy Exports Conference 2021 EIC Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
17 June 2021 Beyond Feasibility: Capturing The Energy Transition’s Hydrogen Opportunity Seminar Scottish Renewables Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
16 June 2021 Wind & Aviation: Lighting and Marking RenewableUK Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
17 June 2021 Doing Business with USNC Webinar NOF Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
23 June 2021 Marine Conference 2021 Scottish Renewables Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
23 June 2021 Onshore Wind EnergyRepowering UK RenewableUK Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
30 June 2021

Doing Business with Banks Group Webinar

NOF Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
1 July 2021 Clean Energy Exchange: Public Sector RenewableUK & Solar Energy UK Virtual    blue-arrow-right.png
1 July 2021 Doing Business with Saipem webinar NOF Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
6 July 2021 Future Systems: The Future Storage Market RenewableUK Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
7 July 2021 Ports & Vessels: Clarksons Port Services - Building Moray East Offshore Wind Farm - FREE TO ATTEND RenewableUK Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
8 July 2021 Ports & Vessels: Port infrastructure and O&M support RenewableUK Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
13 July 2021 Australia Offshore Wind Country Briefing webinar (Members Only) NOF Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
August 2021 IPF Business Network for Offshore Wind TBC Offshore blue-arrow-right.png
26 August 2021 Hydro Conference 2021 Scottish Renewables Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
7 September 2021 Onshore Wind Energy: Green Finance RenewableUK Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
9 September 2021 Wind & Aviation: Surveillance and Radar RenewableUK Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
15 -16 September 2021 Floating Offshore Wind 2021 RenewableUK and Scottish Renewables P&J Live, Aberdeen Floating blue-arrow-right.png
23 September 2021 Low-Carbon Heat Conference 2021 Scottish Renewables Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
29 - 30 September 2021 Global Offshore Wind 2021 RenewableUK ExCel, London  Offshore blue-arrow-right.png
20 October 2021 Japan Offshore Wind Country Briefing webinar (Members Only) NOF Virtual   blue-arrow-right.png
22 October 2021 Onshore Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition RenewableUK Hybrid 1-day event   blue-arrow-right.png
28 October 2021 SNS 2021 - Southern North Sea Conference and Exhibition EEEGR     blue-arrow-right.png
1-12 November 2021 COP26 related activities   UK   blue-arrow-right.png
2 November 2021 Smart Energy Northern Ireland 2021  Norther Ireland Renewables Industry Group   Energy  
16 November 2021 Cables 2021  RenewableUK and Subsea UK TBC Cables blue-arrow-right.png
23 - 25 November 2021 WindEurope Electric City WindEurope Copenhagen, Denmark Electricity blue-arrow-right.png
15 November 2021 Future Energy Wales RenewableUK Cymru ICC Wales, Newport   blue-arrow-right.png
19 November 2021 Legal & Commercial Conference RenewableUK Eversheds Sutherland, London    blue-arrow-right.png
1 - 2 December 2021 Offshore Wind North East 2021 (OWNE) NOF TBC Offshore blue-arrow-right.png
2 December 2021 The Scottish Green Energy Awards 2021 Scottish Renewables Edinburgh, Scotland Energy  blue-arrow-right.png
27 - 28 April 2021 OWC
Team Humber Marine Alliance
The Spa, Bridlington
11 - 12 May 2022 All Energy 2021 | Renewable Energy Expo All Energy SEC Glasgow Offshore blue-arrow-right.png
22 - 23 June 2022 Global Offshore Wind 2022 RenewableUK  Manchester Central Offshore blue-arrow-right.png
12 - 13 October 2022 Floating Offshore Wind 2022 RenewableUK P&J Live, Aberdeen   blue-arrow-right.png
9 - 10 November 2022 OWNE NOF     blue-arrow-right.png

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Until we can meet you in person at our events, please do contact your member association for support and advice in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic. You can also visit Covid-19: support for businesses.