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 Arrivals, Registration & Networking

Session 1: Welcome

Session 2: Onshore Emergency Response
Session Partner: SafetyOn
Although the onshore renewable industry shares a number of characteristics with other industries, the remoteness of location and the demands of an elevated and constrained work place creates a unique environment and requires specific emergency procedures. This session will discuss processes that if followed should allow duty holders to develop plans and procedures to mitigate the consequence of incidents and help protect casualties until they can be delivered to an ultimate place of safety.

 10.15-11.00  Break & Exhibition Viewing

Session 3: Offshore Emergency Response
Session Partner: University of Hull & G+
This session discusses guidelines setting out an approach that Duty Holders are encouraged to apply taking account the specific risk profile of their projects and their legal and contractual obligations. These guidelines will assist Duty Holders throughout the life cycle of an offshore wind or marine energy project to be responsible for ensuring compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations.

 12.15-13.30  Lunch  & Exhibition Viewing

Session 3A: Offshore Emergency Response Exercise
Session 3B: Onshore Emergency Response Exercise

 14.45-15.30  Break & Exhibition Viewing

Session 4: Regulatory Compliance in Emergency Response
Session Partner: HSE
Regulatory authorities for health and safety at renewable energy developments require renewable energy developments to have arrangements for evacuation, escape, recovery and rescue to prevent and reduce harm to persons working at those developments. This session discusses principles to ensure compliance with relevant legislation in the context of current of industry guidelines.

 16.45-17.00  Closing Comments