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In the UK, EU and across the globe, Wind Energy is established as a key component of the future energy mix, with new government/industry targets being set, eg the UK’s Offshore Wind Sector Deal of 30GW by 2030 and the onshore sector scoping the continued growth and future repowering.


  • Zoë Keeton, Head of Regulation and Policy, innogy Renewables UK Ltd (RenewableUK Board Member)
    Zoe Keeton

With almost 30 years’ energy industry experience, Zoë has worked in both the private and government sectors. She established the government’s Aviation Management Board, has negotiated contracts for MoD and civil aviation mitigation and helped make aviation a core commitment within the Offshore Wind Sector Deal. Zoë is a RenewableUK Board member.



  • Steve Smith, Senior Programme Manager, Thales UK LimitedSteve Smith

Steve has been a Senior Programme Manager with Thales since 2006. He is the Windfarm Sector Lead for Thales’ Air Traffic Management business, dealing with radar-related issues worldwide. He is Chair of the WindEurope Aviation Task Force and a member of the RenewableUK Aviation Working Group. Following service in the Royal Navy, prior to joining Thales, Steve has completed many roles around the world relating to safety and security of critical national infrastructures on behalf of various governments; including four years in Russia and Eastern Europe, three years in the People’s Republic of China, and many more years than he cares to remember in 19 other countries across Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and Australasia.

  • Dujon Goncalves-Collins, Senior Strategy Advisor - Aviation, VattenfallDujon Goncalves

Dujon has worked at Vattenfall since February 2019; he is their lead for aviation issues ranging from radar, lighting, heli-ops and drones ops, working across their Wind portfolio of projects offshore and onshore, working with project and specialist teams. He is a member of the RenewableUK Aviation Working Group, the WindEurope Aviation Task Force, as well as  a lead for the Offshore Wind Sector Deal aviation work, and sits on the AIFCL. He led the work to develop ORAG Issues 1 and 2, the inaugural RUGO and work with CAA to define new lighting policies for wind turbines, as well as the development of the Wind & Aviation Strategy. He was the Sec of RUK’s Aviation Group and he represented industry on the AMB, ASIWWG and co-chaired the ORAF with CAA. 



 Workshop 1: Radar and Surveillance Solutions

To meet energy targets of wind deployment the next generation of radar and surveillance solutions are required to enable the deployment of modern wind projects and their technologies in the 2020s and beyond.  The Wind sector is working with stakeholders to resolve aviation radar objections with the identification and deployment of solutions that are sustainable, cost effective and future proofed for the modern environment.

  • Strategies, Policy and Guidance (inc CAP764 and RenewableUK Briefing Note)
  • Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Air Defence Systems
  • Technology Innovation, Standards and Certification


  • Trevor Raggatt, Head of Offshore Renewables and Biomass, BEIS Trevor Raggatt 1

Trevor Raggatt joined the, then, Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform’s Energy Group in 2008 leading on marine energy and biomass. Having worked on a range of renewable technologies, from 2016 his role in BEIS expanded to cover offshore renewables (offshore wind, tidal stream and tidal range) and biomass electricity. Trevor joined the Civil Service in 1990 after studying Chemistry at Royal Holloway College (University of London). Over his Civil Service career he has worked on a diverse range of policies. 

Scene Setters

  • Dr. Dominic Walker, Chief Executive Officer, Aveillant Ltd - A Thales Company Dominic Walker IMG 20180607 WA00002 2

Dominic is CEO of Aveillant, a Cambridge based radar technology company, which became part of the Thales Group in 2017. He has worked on new product introduction and commercialisation of new technology, primarily for the aviation market, for over 15 years. Before joining Aveillant Dominic held positions at Northrop Grumman, QinetiQ and the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA). Dominic is a graduate of Christ’s College, Cambridge in Natural Sciences (Physics). He also holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from University College London and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

  • David Lysack, President & CEO, C SpeedDavid Lysack CSpeed

As President & CEO of C Speed, Mr. Lysack has been involved in the wind industry since 2004 working on resolving the issue of wind turbine interference on civil and military radar systems. He will be discussing the progress his firm has made working with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Department of Defense (DoD) and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) in bringing C Speed's LightWave Radar, a solution to wind industry, resolving this long standing issue. Developers need to be informed on how this solution has successfully resolved and will continue to bring a resolution to an issue blocking both on-shore and off-shore wind developments.

Discussion Leads: Thales, C Speed, CAA, NATS, Wind Europe, Vattenfall, SPR, Scottish Government, Eurocontrol


 Break & Exhibition Viewing

 Workshop 2: Helicopter Operations

Offshore wind growth in particular provides growing opportunities for helicopter operations for projects during construction and O&M phases. With numerous projects supported by helicopters, it is estimated that half the GWs of UK’s future offshore wind projects will have helicopter contracts by 2030. The Wind sector is working with stakeholders to develop and maintain good practices to support the deployment of solutions that are sustainable, cost effective and future proofed for the modern environment.  

  • Strategies, Policy and Guidance (inc CAP437 and RenewableUK ORAG Report)
  • Heli-hoisting and logistics support
  • SAR and Emergency Response
  • Technology Innovation, Standards and Certification


  • Andy Wells, Surveillance and Spectrum Policy Lead, UK Civil Aviation AuthorityAndy WElls

Andy works as the policy lead for Air Traffic Management Infrastructure safety, which includes policy development, publication and maintenance on aeronautical communications, navigation, surveillance and radio spectrum. He is also the CAA’s focal point for aspects relating to renewable wind energy and member of the UK Government Aviation Management Board.

Scene Setters

  • Hasse Andreasen, Director HSE Offshore, Ørsted | G+ RepresentativeHasse Andreasen 

 Hasse Andreason is the Director and Head of HSE Offshore at Ørsted. Hasse has a strong profile with a broad operational and strategic experience accumulated through sea service, project execution and managerial functions at senior level in the marine and offshore industry.


  • Andy Overton, Commercial Manager, CHC Helicopter | HeliOffshore RepresentativeAndy Overton

 Andy is the European commercial lead for CHC Helicopter in the Offshore Wind sector. He has broad experience in the Oil & Gas sector including working for a subsea survey company prior to joining CHC in 2013 and has been actively involved in the Offshore Wind market since 2009. He has been involved in the aviation element of the Hornsea Project One since late 2016, from outline specification by Ørsted through to operational start up and ongoing delivery.  Andy is Deputy Chair of the Heli-Offshore Windfarm Workgroup and CHC’s representative on the RenewableUK Aviation Working Group. He has a degree in Economics and an MBA from Strathclyde University.

 Discussion LeadsG+, CAA, CHC, NHV, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Orsted, HeliOffshore, Vattenfall, SotttishPower Renewables, EASA, Miros Group


 Lunch  & Exhibition Viewing

 Workshop 3: Lighting & Marking 

As developers invest in new-build wind, plus repowering of projects, we will see turbine tip heights increase.  To ensure aviation is aware of these taller machines, industry is working with stakeholders to develop and maintain new policies and good practices to support the deployment of lighting technology solutions that are sustainable, cost effective and future proofed for the modern environment, including detection lighting systems.

  • Strategies, Policy and Guidance (inc new CAA Statements)
  • National, Regional, Global harmonisation
  • Offshore and Onshore Wind and Low Flying Operations
  • Technology Innovation, Standards and Certification


  • Lesley McNeil, Head of Wind Energy Policy and Development, Scottish Government Lesley McNeil

 Lesley McNeil has recently taken on an expanded role within the Scottish Government Directorate for Energy and Climate Change, now holding responsibility for both onshore and offshore wind policy.  Her focus in recent years has been on the barriers to the deployment of large-scale renewable projects - specifically radar. Lesley has held previous roles at Scottish Government within the Energy Consents Unit and within Space and Satellite Policy and has an academic background in archaeology and history, with an MA in History from University of Glasgow.

Scene Setters

  • David Villamil, IEC TC 88 Tech WG, EnerconDavid Villamil

David Villamil was born in Cartagena, Colombia. He graduated from the University of Atlántico, faculty of mechanical engineering. He obtained an MSc degree in Energy Conversion and Management in Offenburg, Germany. At the moment he is the leader of PT 61400-29 which intends issuing an international standard for marking and lighting of wind turbines.

  • WindEurope

Discussion LeadsEnercon, RenewableUK, CAA, Terma, AIFCL, C Speed, Vattenfall, ScottishPower Renewables


 Break & Exhibition Viewing

Workshop 4: Drones 

The Wind sector is growing customer of aviation services and is keen to exploit the opportunities of airborne drones and the opportunities they can bring.  As the opportunity for drone usage increases, next generation solutions should allow the industry to increase drone operations efficiently, effectively and safely with new policies and good practices to support their deployment.

  • Strategies, Policy and Guidance (inc RUK RUGO)
  • Expanding today’s operations
  • Getting ready for tomorrow with BVLOS Operations
  • Technology Innovation, Standards and Certification


  • Andy Sage, Account Director (Airlines and Airspace Users), NATS Andy Sage

Andrew is Associate Director at NATS, leading its global data business for commercial airlines. Today NATS offers data analytics - helping airlines to reduce the cost of delays, improve fuel planning and minimise their EU261 liability. Through harvesting publically available data, NATS allows airlines to benchmark themselves against other operators on specific routes. In his role at NATS, Andrew is also responsible for NATS policy and strategy in respect of drones.

Scene Setters

  • Neil Watson, UTM Development Manager, Thales
  • Mark Jenkins, UK & IE Risk Manager, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Discussion LeadsThales, C Speed, Cyberhawk, OASIS, Siemens Gamesa, Orsted, AIFCL, Vattenfall, SPR, Equinor


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