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Introducing a fantastic opportunity for those working in onshore wind to join the debate and speak at our Onshore Wind Energy 2020 conference. We are now accepting papers for presentation opportunties to build a programme not to be missed.  To submit a paper on any of the submission topic parameters listed below, please complete the submission form using the link above.

submission topics

Future business models

Opportunities in ancillary and flexibility markets
What can be done to support wholesale price/revenue stacking e.g. green hydrogen, batteries and co-location
PPA and merchant models
Responding to low, long term prices
Delivering net zero targets vs economic recovery.

Contracts for Difference FAQ!

Revisiting, in detail, the CfD to explore the mechanisms of auctions for onshore wind
Considerations on bidding into the auction
How do costs of Pot 1 technologies compare five years on from the last CfD auction.

Planning, communities and supply chain across the life cycle of a wind farm

Planning for onshore in in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Local benefit and community engagement
Community ownership of onshore wind assets
How do we incubate local content and supply chain?

Turbine technology and asset management

Innovative solutions to O&M including A.I and automation, predictive maintenance etc
Solutions for repowering and life extension
The use of data to inform asset management strategies
The latest turbine technologies including innovations.


Deadline for submission

Extension: Friday 5 June 2020

Expected notification of submissions: Friday 12 June 2020. However, abstracts may be accepted on a rolling basis, and early notifications might be made where possible. 

Contact Details

For questions regarding the submission process:
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