Programme Overview


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A1: Onshore Wind & the Route to Net Zero

With a new UK Government in place and a firm cross party and multi-government commitment to net zero, onshore wind needs to be seen as a primary means of delivering this commitment. But after its first 100 days, what priorities have  been identified to get us to net zero?  Starting with an expert presentation on the road to net zero, our senior panel will discuss if and how net zero supports the case for future onshore wind.  


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A2: Onshore Wind & Rural Low Carbon Communities

Onshore wind has a track record of investing in rural communities across the UK. These communities face challenges in attracting jobs and in funding their own low carbon infrastructure. Onshore wind can be a catalyst in vital work to make sure our communities are ready for a low carbon future.

In this plenary session with audience feedback and discussion session we will discuss potential roles for onshore wind supporting rural communities including:

    • Grid upgrades from single to 3 phase to support EV penetration and electric heating.
    • Hydrogen and rural communities.
    • Attracting new industries attracted by access to renewable power.

B2: Onshore Asset Management - laterst trends and critical issues

Onshore wind companies are at the forefront of work to rethink how to manage existing power assets to improve efficiency and extend lifetimes. This session will look at changes in sector ownership and how companies are rethinking asset ownership using tools such as co-location; benchmarking and data and new technologies.


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14.00 - 15.15

A3: Onshore Wind & the Route to Market

Onshore wind developers are active across rural Scotland and Wales bringing forward new low-cost sites or reviewing their existing portfolio. New onshore wind sites need to be able to secure a return on their investment. Efforts to de-risk development and operation can go a long  way to reducing cost of capital and the growth of this new low-cost wind market.

In this session we will discuss potential routes to market including:

  • The growth of merchant onshore wind.
  • Government policy and longer-term outlook for the CfD market.
  • Growing a UK PPA market for onshore wind – learning from Scandinavia.
  • Alternative markets, revenue stacking and diversification.     

B3: Onshore Asset Management - Trends in Repowering and Life Extension

RenewableUK’s Spring 2019 report set out the scale of opportunity for industry to repower existing sites, and the challenges we face without a clear route to extending the use of existing sites.

In this workshop session we look in detail about trends in repowering and discuss how our industry can best coordinate to manage some of the challenges and issues we face in managing existing sites and planning ahead.


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A4: Onshore Wind – a deep dive into market trends and deployment

Following a RenewableUK update on current trends in the onshore wind market (new applications, consents, re-applications, repowering) our expert panel will debate the health of our onshore wind market and next steps – with audience participation and feedback.