Smart Energy Northern Ireland 2018

Tuesday 24 April 2018 | MAC, Belfast

Post-40%: Delivering the next phase of the energy transition#SmartEnergyNI

After seven years dedicated to bringing the best renewable energy industry insights to Northern Ireland, NIRIG is launching a ‘Smart Energy’ programme of events to respond to the new challenges facing the energy industry. The first NIRIG Smart Energy event in Northern Ireland will be held on Tuesday 24 April 2018 at the MAC Belfast.

Smart Energy Northern Ireland 2018 brings together experts to discuss future energy systems and how innovative, forward-thinking organisations can become leaders in energy technology, management and trading.

The ‘Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland’, a vision for decarbonisation and economic development to seize the possibilities represented by the low-carbon economy, will also be launched at this event

Why Attend Teal

The renewables sector has experienced significant growth in Northern Ireland, and is on course to reach a target of 40% electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Simultaneously there are challenges and new developments in network management and NIRIG membership wishes to drive forward the discussion on a smart energy system of the future, powered by renewables.

Attendees will hear from expert speakers on topics including energy storage, smart energy systems, digitisation and network management

  • Opportunities and challenges of increasing renewables penetration on the network
  • Achieving 75% SNSP and new approaches to storage
  • Future development of network management and pilot projects for hydrogen storage
  • Market opportunities for storage technology