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Exhibiting on a Budget

Stand Out from the Crowd Without Great Expense

Book a Shell Scheme Stand rather than Space Only

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When booking stand space a space only stand is cheaper per sqm but any additional items must be purchased as you really just get the space only! If exhibiting on a budget a shell scheme stand is often the most cost effective option. A shell scheme stand includes:

  • Back and side walls
  • Carpeting (grey)
  • 1 x Company Nameboard
  • 1 x table
  • 2 x chairs
  • 1 electric point per 9 sqm
  • 2 x spotlights per 9 sqm

Selecting the right stand for you

Try to assess the likely traffic flows and establish points of interest which will stop the visitors in the aisle.
Consider access onto and around your stand – is it easy for delegates to approach your stand?

Dressing your stand

When it comes to setting up your stand remember the 3 Second Rule;

  • Your visitor needs to know who you are and what you can do for them in no more than 3 seconds!
  • You can achieve this by using bright colours and graphics or simply by ensuring you do not overcrowd your stand with literature and leaflets. A cluttered stand will just confuse visitors.
  • This way the exhibitor receives a strong immediate message on who you are and what you do.
  • Curved pull up banners work well on a shell scheme stands due to the fact they are facing the delegate so they are surrounded by your message the whole time they are on your stand.
  • This is more cost effective than getting graphics designed for your panels.
  • If you have posters you can also cover the panels with these, however remember to use Velcro sticky pads as blu-tac does not work.
  • If possible, introduce movement into your display – audio visual, samples or product demonstrations.

Getting the most out of your stand

Make sure that you tell all your contacts that you will be exhibiting

There are lots of ways that you can do this to ensure they will visit your stand during the exhibition. This is FREE so ensure you make the most of this!

  • Use the logos and footers you will find on our event site soon to promote your stand
  • Email
  • Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter (#RUKGOW18)
  • Hold a competition or reception on your stand to encourage footfall
  • Feature your competition or reception in our Daily News which is distributed at Global Offshore Wind and RenewableUK Annual Conference and Exhibition to all attendees and exhibitors


When you look at the statistics for RenewableUK events you will see that nearly 70% of attendees have final purchasing authority or direct influence. Do not miss out on the opportunity to make contact with these individuals.

  • Make a list of your objectives
  • Brief and de-brief your staff on a daily basis
  • Try to avoid asking exhibitors closed questions as this will not result in leads!
  • Remember to take breaks from your stand and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated!

Follow up on leads

Make sure you follow up on any leads you make at the exhibition:

  • Remember to take all business cards and notes you have from the show when it is over and organise into lists of email follow ups and phone call follow ups
  • Make appropriate follow ups within 48 hours of the end of the exhibition
  • Follow all your visitors on their social media sites, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – they may even follow you back
  • Don’t leave it too long before you follow up a second time if required

For further information or to book a stand at any of our events please contact