Call for Abstracts for Global Offshore Wind 2018

Abstracts submissions have now closed.

This is your chance to be in front of this global audience. We are looking for inspiring experts from across our sector able to present about: Market Developments; Innovation and Technology; Construction, Installation and O&M; and Grid and Energy Systems. Every strand of our programme will be showcasing how our industry is achieving cost reduction, embracing innovation and delivering reliable power into our energy system.

Abstracts can be submitted on the following topics:

Abstract Topics

Market Developments
These sessions are to update industry about key global markets. Experts will provide analysis of different market support mechanisms and consenting regimes. We want speakers who can share a strong understanding of each key market as a business opportunity, with insight on speed and scale of development. At part of the programme, we will be exploring what Brexit could mean for our sector, so if you want to explore about the UK’s future place in the world after Brexit, then let us know when you submit.

  • Market updates: North Sea, The Baltic,
  • Market updates: China, USA, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India
  • Opportunities, and risks for supply chains in a global market.

Innovation and Technology
Are you up to speed on technology trends and disruptions that could challenge the norm? We want to hear from speakers across the supply chain as well as R&D centres on upcoming technology trends. If you have data on LCOE reductions achieved and can quantify cost reduction you helped deliver this will make your abstract particularly strong. We know our delegates are particularly excited about turbine innovation and how scaling up our technology can deliver LCOE reductions. Finally, we want to represent floating offshore wind. If you are an expert on new and existing markets around the world, can share lessons learned from existing demonstration sites, or can set out clearly how floating offshore wind can deliver cost reduction, then we want to hear from you.

  • New turbine technology
  • Disruptive innovation, including robotics, autonomy, digitisation, artificial intelligence
  • Floating offshore wind comes of age
  • Implications of bigger turbines on vessel availability, infrastructure and construction

Delivering Projects
Do you have expertise on financing, construction, delivery and operation of offshore wind farms? As an industry we are constantly learning, using our experience in the design, delivery, management and monitoring of projects to make improvements across the supply chain to minimise life cycle costs and risk over the lifetime of a project.

We are looking for abstracts on real-life lessons learned and good practice in the field, with an emphasis on the rationale behind implementing particular engineering, logistical and technological solutions during the construction and operational phase of a project. 

We will use this theme to explore how our sector is making a difference in the places we work out of? What difference has your company or project made to where you work? Our industry is putting down roots across the UK and beyond and making a difference to the lives of many people. As part of your submission, make sure you tell us how you are making a difference.

There is a lot to cover in this strand. In summary, relevant topics would include:

  • Making a difference in the communities we work in
  • Cost reduction and asset management across the lifetime of a project
  • Construction and O&M
    - Aviation
    - Subsea cables
    - Vessels and access
    - SOVs
    - Innovative O&M strategies
  • Port strategy
  • Health and Safety Leadership
  • Planning and consents
  • Resource assessment
  • Finance including key bankability drivers, investment readiness factors, investment models and risk perception
  • Working with other industries
  • End of life considerations- repower or decommission?

Grid and Energy Systems
Our global energy system is changing rapidly. Growth in offshore wind is being matched by a rapid take up of new tools that can help maximise the use of offshore wind. If you can present knowledgably on the detail of grid and new technology, and link back to the bigger picture on our changing energy system, then we have a platform ready for you. In these sessions we will be talking about progress in reducing the costs of developing and maintaining grid connections, the impact of changes in financial mechanisms on the physical development of grid infrastructure, and methods of revenue maximisation. We want to hear from speakers about the role of energy storage, data and interconnection in our future industry. 

  • Grid infrastructure and regulatory regimes
  • The future of HVDC
  • Interconnectors
  • Turbines and digital management
  • Energy storage and offshore wind

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