Speakers' Spotlight LM wind Power

21 - 22 June 2016 | RenewableUK Stand 149, Exhibition Hall

Sponsored by LM Wind Power, The Speakers' Spotlight provided exhibitors and delegates the chance to present to the industry on a variety of different topics from within the exhibition halls. You can download the presentations of this section's speakers below. 

Day 1, Tuesday 21st June

10.30 David Matthews, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier: Fred. Olsen Windbase

The next wave of offshore wind farms will be larger and further form shore. Fred. Olsen Windbase is a solution that complements today's marine access systems and evolves with the wind farm and operator throughout the assets life. This presentation explores the challenges and solutions available today.

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10.50 Andy Duncan, ITS Testing: The Issue of Corrosion Inside Monopiles

Corrosion and its management within offshore monopile foundation is discussed, focussing on cathodic protection systems. Benefits and risks of cathodic protection systems are considered which predicate the operational envelope for CP systems.

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12.30 Sarah Hobson, ITW Wind Group: Ducorit Offshore Concrete - A Cost Effective Alternative to OPC

ITW Engineered Polymers are the world leader in the grouting of offshore foundations. We have recently introduced the Ducorit Offshore Concrete for the use in specialist foundations where a cost effective solution is paramount but the strength and shrinkage qualities cannot be compromised.

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12.50 Jim Smith, Flowline Specialists Ltd: SEM-REV Marine Renewable Project - Cable Spooling and Deployment

In 2015 Flowline Specialists become involved in the SEM-REV Marine Renewable Test Facility Project offshore France. Scope of work was to design and supply offshore deployment reels, spool the cables from the storage reels to the deployment reels, support Hydro Group to carry out the assembly of their connectors then deploy the cables offshore.

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13:10 Alexis Crama, LM Wind Power:  The rotor is the motor: Leveraging blade design and features to reduce energy costs

The rotor is the motor and we know it. The most direct way to influence the cost of wind energy is by increasing rotor performance, and thus the annual energy production (AEP) of a wind turbine. Learn how blade design and features can significantly enhance the performance of turbines, thereby continuously reducing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

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13:30 Roel Schuring, LM Wind Power: Challenges on the road to building ultra-long blade

Bigger, longer, faster – all clear trends when looking at the evolution of blade technology over the past ten years. Reducing the cost of energy is the constant target, and LM Wind Power’s engineers are pushing the boundaries of blade length to increase annual energy production (AEP). Learn about the design and manufacturing challenges we face on the road to developing ultra-long blades for the future.

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13.50 Dorothy Shepherd, The Crown Estate: The Offshore Wind Operational Report

A detailed review of the new Offshore Wind Operational Report: January - December 2015.

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Day 2, Wednesday 22nd June

11.00 Kevin Marshall, Babcock International Group: Delivering Value to the E.ON Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

Come and hear from Babcock International’s Engineering Programme Manager, Kevin Marshall, who will demonstrate how we delivered value to the E.on Rampion Offshore Wind farm project through: engineering management, design governance, OEM interface maturity management and manufacturing. Kevin will also provide an update on the progress we have made with the project.

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11:15 Nancy Cook, LM Wind Power: Ready for anything: Absolute blade reliability in the offshore environment

Capturing the wind in remote places, in all types of weather, calls for reliability. We base our offshore blades on more than 35 years of experience in blade design and manufacturing and more than 185,000 blades – driven by in-house materials research and full-scale testing which stretches beyond certification requirements. Here’s what we’ve learned from this proven offshore track record.

12:45 Alexis Crama, LM Wind Power: Manufacturing blades with LM Wind Power: One team, one process, one blade

Irrespective of where our blades are produced, the philosophy, the process and the quality are the same. At the very core of our manufacturing operations around the world is LM Production Systems (LMPS). LMPS takes its cue from LEAN manufacturing and is customized to our organization of factories, our people and our processes.

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13:00 Rainer Sternfeld, Planet OS:  The future of digital power companies

The energy business is going through a digital transformation, come hear how new geospatial IOT data is creating both opportunities and challenges for power companies in the future.

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13:15 Greg Kleiman, Planet OS: Data integration can save the farm

Comprehensive integration of all wind farm data can increase production and save millions, come hear about a newly announced service that is delivering on this promise.

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13.30 Alex Gauntt,Siem Offshore Contractors: Introducing the ‘Siem Duo’ cable laying vessels

Come and learn about the offshore wind construction partnership of CLV Siem Aimery and the ISV Siem Moxie. A result of over 20 years’ experience in subsea cable installation innovation – as seen on Nordsee One offshore wind farm.

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