Why Offshore Wind?

The seas surrounding the UK have shaped our history. Offshore wind is the latest chapter of this, bringing jobs and investment to communities across the country. A job in offshore wind is a chance to be part of an industry fit for the future.

  • We work with the world’s cutting-edge technologies, from robotics that survey the seabed, to drones which analyse turbine blades performance.
  • Working in offshore wind is an opportunity to make a difference to the world around you. Our industry is at the centre of the UK’s journey to decarbonisation.
  • Offshore wind has overwhelming public support as well as the backing of every major political party – that means security for new projects and for thousands of long-term jobs
  • We employ the brightest minds, and many jobs in the offshore wind industry are highly-skilled and highly-paid
  • The UK is a world-leader in offshore wind and we export technology and skills to countries all over the world giving you opportunities for travel and adventure