Conference & Exhibition | 09 - 10 October 2024 | P&J Live, Aberdeen | #FloatingWind24

FloatingWind24 - Call for Papers 2024

Please see the Call for Papers 2024 homepage for submission requirements and guidance. 

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  • 1A: Supply chain: Enabling SME integration into the FOW supply chain
  • 1B: Supply chain: Sustainability in the supply chain
  • 1C: Research & Innovation projects – case studies
  • 1D: Cost-efficient floating wind designs (including structures, moorings, risers etc)
  • 2: Manufacture & design of floating wind components – enabling industrialisation and inclusion of local content
  • 3A: Installation solutions
  • 3B: Installation: Ports and harbours
  • 3C Installation: Mooring challenges
  • 3D: Installation: Environmental impacts
  • 4A: Solutions to overcome transmission challenges
  • 5A: O&M: Major component replacement
  • 5B: O&M: Tow to port efficiencies
  • 5C: O&M: Subsea surveys
  • 5D: Dynamic cables
  • 5E: CPS solutions for floating
  • 6A: Floating wind and green hydrogen
  • 6B: The role of hydrogen in overcoming transmission and intermittency challenges
  • 7A: INTOG projects and case studies
  • 7B: Oil & gas technology into FOW
  • 8: Health & Safety requirements for FOW
  • 9: Lessons learnt from current projects
  • 10: Global markets – updates and project case studies
  • 11: Digitalisation and FOW

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