Offshore Energy Integration Workshop

OGA Workshop

This workshops takes place the day before the 2019 Floating Offshore Wind UK Exhibition and will gather multiple offshore industries, including Windpower, Oil and Gas, and Power transmission, to discuss synergies and innovative energy integration solutions.

During the session you will hear from a range of companies on their future offshore plans supporting the transition to low carbon energy systems. There will be opportunities for networking to create valuable contacts across industry and regulators.

Spaces are limited so please let us know if you can join by registering here.


1. Setting the stage (OGA)

  • Energy integration – the UK transition agenda driving change in the offshore industry
  • Integration concepts: Electrification, Gas to wire, CCUS, Hydrogen, Large scale hubs
  • Projects landscape: pilot projects (being) started across the North Sea

2. Industry views (Guest presenters)

Leading companies from a range of sectors will share their views and experience, including of existing projects

  • Renewable energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Supply chain and Technology

3. Breakout sessions – innovative ‘models’ and cross industry synergies

This session will ask participants about synergies in their current operations and future projects (including sharing infrastructure and knowledge, repurposing existing assets, and integrating the supply chain), and what barriers there may be to doing so.

We will explore three potential technologies: 

    1. Electrification of greenfield areas, harvesting wind energy and enabling new oil and gas resources, in an clean way
    2. Brownfield electrification, synergies to help wind enter legacy oil and gas areas
    3. Hydrogen as an important clean energy vector for both wind and oil and gas
Spaces are limited so please let us know if you can join by registering here.