Call for Papers


Introducing a fantastic opportunity for those working in offshore wind to join the debate and speak at our Floating Offshore 2020 conference. We are now accepting papers for presentation opportunties to build a programme not to be missed.  To submit a paper on any of the submission topic parameters listed below, please complete the submission form using the link above.

submission topics

1. Consents and licensing

* Deep water surveying and monitoring
* Interactions and co-existence with other marine users
* Ecological impact and enhancement
* Data collection and industry-wide R&D needs

2. Cost-reduction and technology innovation

* Mooring and anchoring systems
* Substructures
* Lifting and towing infrastructure
* Electrical and grid systems

3. Ports and supply chain infrastructure

* Port modernisation
* Fabrication and manufacturing
* Installation and O&M
* Synergies with Oil & Gas and Fixed Bottom supply chains

4 .Future innovation in floating wind

* Floating wind in new environments
* Hydrogen/ammonia
* Aquaculture


Deadline for submission

Tuesday 26 May 2020 

Expected notification of submissions: Thursday 4 June 2020. However, abstracts may be accepted on a rolling basis, and early notifications might be made where possible. 

Contact Details

For questions regarding the submission process:
For questions on content and topics: