Cables 2018

31 October | AECC Aberdeen

Attend this new event designed to meet the needs of the cables industry. Tracking the entire cables lifecycle, Cables 2018 will focus on improving subsea power cable operating practices, reducing costs & risks, and improving subsea power cable efficiency and performance.

The growth offshore wind and interconnection mean that subsea power cables are an increasingly vital part of our energy system. The growing importance of subsea cables creates new opportunities for manufacturers, installers and services provides but also creates new challenges for cable protection and improve cable maintenance. Sharing our industry’s unique experience in subsea cables is key to developing innovative solutions for deploying and maintaining cables, which will enhance the sustainability and efficiency of this market.

Why Attend Cables Green

This unique event will offer insights into the key issues surrounding asset integrity and reliability with highlights from the design, subsea survey, manufacture, installation, protection, repair, operation & maintenance and decommissioning of subsea power cables in the markets of offshore renewables, offshore transmission infrastructure and interconnectors. The power-packed event addresses the sector demand for industry-led engagement and aims to answer the following questions:

  • Is the subsea power cable supply chain geared-up to meet the growing demand across survey, installation and manufacturing of, given the significant growth in international interconnectors and offshore wind ?
  • Will reducing cable installation issues, manufacturing faults, and third party damage improve insurance provision and the financing arrangements for subsea cabling projects?
  • Can collaboration across supply-chain, regulators and owner/operators drive learning, innovation and improvement across the sector?

Who Wil You Meet Cables Green

Senior representatives from international companies including:

  • Owners, developers and operators
  • Insurers, Insurance brokers and underwriters
  • Policy makers and legislators
  • Subsea cable manufacturers and installers
  • Subsea cable supply-chain

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