Programme Overview

The event will have four key workshop sessions that discuss the development of policies, standards and systems that should enable the:

  • Future growth of support to wind energy through the contracting and deployment of helicopter services;
  • Fast-moving pace of the emergence of aerial drone technology and its future capabilities being fully scoped and realised by wind energy sector;
  • Development of innovative systems for surveillance that are coming on line that are demonstrating significant wind farm tolerance;
  • Development of how to have effective and efficient aviation lighting and marking across onshore and offshore projects.

Through a series of facilitated and interactive workshops, an exclusive post event report will be developed with our event partners and supporters to assist with future development of strategies, policies, regulation, guidance and business development.

 Time  Description

 Arrivals, Registration & Networking


 Workshop 1: Radar  

 Scene Setters: Thales and CSpeed

 10.15-11.00  Break & Exhibition Viewing

 Workshop 2: Heli Ops

 Scene Setters: G+ and Survitec

 12.15-13.30  Lunch  & Exhibition Viewing

 Workshop 3: Lighting & Marking 

 Scene Setters: WindEurope and CSpeed

 14.45-15.30  Break & Exhibition Viewing

 Workshop 4: Drones 

 Scene Setters: Thales and C Speed

 16.45-17.00  Closing Comments