Smart Asset Management in a Mature Market

Lift your Onshore Wind Farm Operational and Financial Performance

  • Learn how owners are rethinking asset management
  • Manage wind farms as turbines come out of warranty
  • Find new technologies to maximize market opportunity

Programme sessions

Maturing Technology Meeting Digitisation
How the market is changing - accessing ancillary services, Role of storage in onshore wind, Maximising performance through data analysis

Storage: Maximising Revenues Through Storage
With battery costs rapidly falling, they are becoming an affordable option to supplement revenues and services that onshore assets can offer. In this session we will consider how asset managers can use batteries to support revenues and provide a wider range of services to the Grid.

Storage: Overcoming Regulatory Barriers
While it may make economic sense to co-locate batteeries with onshore assets, the practicalities of doing so can be a challenge. In this session, we will discuss how these can be overcome with industry experts and the regulator and what issues you need to consider.

Operations and Management: To Repower or Recertify?
As an asset comes to the end of its certified life owners will have to decide whether it is best to recertify, replace and repower, or decommission. Here we will explore what issues need to be considered and what are the practical steps that need to be taken?

Operations and Management: Reducing Costs Through Digitisation
Our ability to manage and monitor data is increasing exponentially. This enables onshore asset managers to gain better insights in to the perfomance of their turbines, and maximise the revenue flows. Is this session we will explore how asset managers are looking to new opportunities data management offers and can support the devilery of services to the Grid.