RenewableUK Health & Safety Awards - Nominations are Now Closed!

RenewableUK Health & Safety Invation Award 2018

The RenewableUK Innovation in Health & Safety Award promotes the development, implementation and sharing of best practice in health and safety across the renewable energy sector. This award seeks initiatives, systems, or products that demonstrate:

  • Outstanding health & safety performance and innovation
  • Successful sharing of health & safety best practice
  • Substantial positive impact on risk reduction
  • Long term improvement in health & safety performance
Jerry Carnell Special Commendation Health & Safety Award 2018

Created in memory of Jerry Carnell, the Jerry Carnell Special Commendation Award recognises an individual whose long term contribution has made a substantive and positive difference to enhancing health and safety in the renewable energy industry. This award seeks individuals with a sustained record which demonstrates:

  • Positive leadership and an ambassadorship for Health & Safety
  • Successful delivery of projects providing substantial improvement in Health & Safety
  • Motivational to colleagues and a champion for positive culture change in Health & Safety
  • A positive guide and mentor to colleagues and new industry entrants
  • Personal commitment or interventions beyond the call of duty
  • Long service and dedication

Voting & Eligibility

RenewableUK Health & Safety Innovation Award 2018
  • All renewable energy health & safety initiatives, systems, or products eligible
  • Shortlist of 10 to go through to voting
  • Shortlisted submissions by expert panel
  • Online voting through website for all health & safety stakeholders
  • Shortlisted case studies will be available for review online
  • Showcase area for all shortlisted nominations at the International Health & Safety 2018 Conference & Exhibition
  • The winner will be awarded at the Pre-Event Drinks Reception on Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Health & Safety Innovation Award Nomination Form here
Jerry Carnell Special Commendation Award 2018
  • The winner will be selected by the expert panel and awarded at the Pre-Event Drinks Reception on Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Jerry Carnell Nomination Form here

* Please return the completed nomation forms back to:

Nominations deadline extended: Monday 20th November 2017